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Can you tune my bike? 

We have the facilities & software to flash tune your ECU using Woolich racing software or Dynojet Power Commander. We custom build each and every tune to suit your bike. All tuning is performed on our dyno. 

Most people who ask about tuning want performance and may not think much about economy, but fuel economy is a natural product of any great tune. The fact that a motorcycle can produce the same amazing power by consuming less fuel because its optimally tuned means that you'll not just save money but that you're also extending the life of your ride. Our dyno tuning process is undertaken by experts with both power and economy in mind. So, you know you will not only get a great horse power boost but also know that your machine is performing optimally at all times.

If your looking to build the best race bike for the track
Check out our high performance race tuning page where our experts share a tiny snippet of what we can do for you!
Racetune Moto 

We also offer carburetor tuning!


Are the products listed online readily available? 

Parts listed on www.ridingrubber.com.au is pending supplier or in-store stock.
Should an item need to be back ordered from a supplier, we will of course notify you via email or phone. 
If you'd like to confirm the availability of an item before placing your order or visiting our stores, please use our Contact Us page


Shipping Policy - How long will it take for me to receive my order?

We deliver our products using reight companies such as  Auspost, Sendle, Couriers Please & more. 
Shipping costs will be added to the order at the point of checkout.

Orders are dispatched within 3 business days. Shipping times are estimated at between 1 to 5 business days, depending on your location. However we are unable to guarantee this estimation as this time frame is in the hands of the shipping companies named.

Please take not that there have been significant shipping delays globally due to COVID 19


How much?

There are some services that we provide that we can give you a price for upfront (alot of them are listed on this website). However please understand that if you call us and ask a question like

"How much will it cost to rebuild my engine?"

Our response will probably sound something like this.

"I'm very sorry but that is not something we are able to quote over the phone as there are far to many variables. If you would like a quote before pursuing repairs we are happy to make an appointment for you to bring your bike in, our technicians will acuarately disassmble & diagnose what parts require replacement. At that point we will be able to seek a price & availability & then provide you with a quote to repair." 

There wil be a charge to quote which will be decided on a case by case basis according to what is required to quote. If you choose not to pursue the repair you will be liable for the quoting charge and your motorcycle will be returned to you unrepaired.


Can you service my suspension? - YES!

One of the most neglected parts of a motorcycle is the suspension. While it’s true that the system degrades slowly, regular upkeep is required to prevent faulty suspension. A lot of the factors that contribute to faulty suspension can easily be spotted during a regular bike service. These include:

  1. Oil contamination – Just like the motorcycle engine, the suspension has oil to lubricate each component and prevent friction. Without regular servicing, the oil may be contaminated due to metal shavings produced when the spring compresses and rebounds through the fork’s valves. Accumulation of these metal shaving over time can cause the springs to get stuck.
  2. Oil viscosity – Viscosity affects the damping performance, which helps restrain the vibration of the spring. Oil viscosity is checked during servicing.
  3. Damaged or loose rubber seal rings – Seals that are loose or damaged may also be out of position, which causes them to slide up and down the valve. All of these can affect the movement of the suspension.
  4. Damaged bushes – Bushes are Teflon-lined rings that serve as a bearing to the fork stanchions and shocks. It constrains these components in the desired motion. Without regular service, you may fail to see the damage in the bushes.
  5. Bearings - Your linkage & swing arm bearing are another crucial component in your suspension particularly in an offroad environment, regularly greasing these bearings will dramatically extend the life of the bearings and your ride quality.

We recommend servicing your suspension every 12,000km to 15,000km or 1 to 2 years.

Don't forget your suspension components have much less oil than your engine does and we all know engine oil is recommended to be changed annually.

A bike with a faulty suspension is guaranteed to have poor handling which in turn, causes accidents